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Jiaqi Kang

is a doctoral student in art history at Oxford University and the founding editor-in-chief of Sine Theta, an international, print-based creative arts magazine for the Sino diaspora. They are the winner of The White Review Short Story Prize 2022 and a Lambda Literary Fellow 2023. Originally from Geneva, Switzerland, they are based in Oxford, UK.



All my own stunts | Emerge 2023: anthology for the Lambda Literary Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices, 03.2024Sunita | LIKE A FEVER, Asia Art Archive, 10.2023The Chinese Teacher | The London Magazine, 10.2023The Trip | Finalist: Joyland Open Border Fiction Prize 2022, 01.2023Class of 1985 | Winner: The White Review Short Story Prize 2022, 09.2022
edited by Izabella Scott
translated into Chinese by Cindy Ziyun Huang
Uncle's house; it was noon | SUSPECT, 04.2022Cake shop | Jellyfish Review, 04.2022Northern Beggar | The Spectacle, 04.2022
edited by Jenny Wu
Monologue of a pirate ship that doesn't have a figurehead, or perhaps it once did, but it’s difficult to tell now because its bow is encrusted with clam shells and barnacles, which scuttle about and scream during a storm, as though they had mouths | X-R-A-Y, 10.2021
reviewed in A Personal Anthology
An Lushan goes to war | Winner: Wadham Rex Warner Prize for Creative Writing, 06.2021slowburn AU | EX/POST, 05.2021
listed in wigleaf top 50 very short fictions, 2022
Swimming with Robert Rauschenberg; he erases a drawing of me; my teeth fall out of my mouth | Tiny Molecules, 03.2021
edited by Connor Harrison
Xianrenzhang | Hobart Pulp, 03.2021; Augment Review, 06.2022
edited by Kimberly Bliss
L'oeil d'Orochimaru | wildness, 02.2021
edited by Michelle Tudor
reviewed in fractured lit roundup
Dunhuang, in the summer | X-R-A-Y, 01.2021; Santa Fe Writers' Project, 02.2021
edited by Crow Jonah Norlander
Dunhuang, a continuation | Santa Fe Writers' Project, 02.2021
edited by Monica Prince
Gunk | Peach Mag, 01.2021The Buddha's Fist | Jellyfish Review, 10.2020Fujiyama, 2088 | perhappened, 09.2020
nominated for Best of the Net 2021


晋源 | The Lumiere Review, 09.2022
nominated for Best Microfictions 2023
Having your period in August in China | Zindabad Zine, 04.2021In Year Six We Had A Substitute Teacher Whose Heels Were So Dry That They Looked Like Cracked White Marzipan; I Saw Them While Going Up Some Stairs Behind Her. I Was Transfixed. These Days My Heels Have Been Really Dry And I Guess It’s My Turn To Have Marzipan Parmesan Feet. | Bat City Review, 04.2021Love sonnet from the perspective of Rod, a jock mouse who lived on my Animal Crossing island for 3 months | Ghost City Review, 10.2020A CACTUS I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE | DAYBREAKING Zine, 09.2020Oeux | Fruit Journal #2, 08.2020hayfever | harana poetry #5, 07.2020

Selected non-fiction

News from Nowhere | TOLKA, 06.2023
edited by Catherine Hearn and Liam Harrison
Portrait of an ape | SmokeLong Quarterly, 03.2023
edited by Christopher Allen
nominated for Best of the Net 2024
A Set of Differences and Relations: Review of PEARLS FROM THEIR MOUTH by Pear Nuallak | SUSPECT, 10.2022
edited by Maggie Wang


Peer-reviewed publications

Kang, Jiaqi. 'Art as Surgery: Hygiene Politics in Zhang Peili’s Glove Art, 1985–91', Art Journal, vol. 83, issue 1 (2024): 38–57. [Open access.]


University of Oxford
DPhil History of Art, 2021 - 2025 (expected)
Dissertation: "A pile of filth": hygiene politics and art in China, 1983–c.2012


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